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Financial, Accounting, & CFO Services

We work with successful business owners to help them develop a clearer picture of where they are, where they want to go, and strategies to get them there. Whether your company is in growth mode or seeking financial sustainability, we excel in connecting the dots between cash flow, profits, opex, and accounting, to confidently position you for the future.

Robert Brace
CEO of Brace Fitness Solutions

"Greenland has been the right solution at the right time for my business. They have helped me develop clear strategic thinking that has helped me increase short term revenue and implement a plan for long term growth. Specifically, they has helped me sort through all the distractions and identify the right processes for my business and the right focus to maximize my efforts and most importantly profits"

Dave Martin
CEO of Nettra Media

"Greenland really helped us get in front of our A/R, to project the really important costs in our business so we could confidently grow into the future. We're now more profitable than ever and we have a much clearer picture of where we want to go. Our level of our service has even improved to our clients since we're now better-focused on our core competencies and our ideal customers."

Chris Torres
CEO of Presidential Realty

"Greenland helped me grow my business by 20% in 2014. Their advice in the areas of sales and marketing was instrumental on achieving my goals for the year. They helped me set up systems and most importantly held me accountable to my goals. That alone helped me tremendously. I highly recommend them."

Accounting Services

With Greenland Advisors, you reap the benefits of utilizing a professional team accounting experts without the hassle or cost of hiring full-time employees. Outsourcing to our specialists offers a powerful solution to your immediate and long-term business needs. And if you’re in a time crunch, we can step in at any point, providing any accounting services as you need them.
Accounting services include:

Financial Services

A tremendous benefit of outsourcing financial services is the internal control it gives your organization. Greenland Advisors gives you the peace of mind knowing that your work is being done correctly, on schedule, and without the chance of a single point of failure. Your data and documentation will be audit-ready at all times. Some of our Financial Services include:

CFO Services

Onboarding an experienced full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as part of your staff is often cost-prohibitive for most companies. However, hiring a fractional CFO can largely benefit a growing company by providing cash flow forecasting, negotiation with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc.

Our Founder is the co-host of the most popular business and legal radio show in Central California.

Success Stories

Dave Martin

Co-Founder of Nettra Media

Tim Priestley

President of Accent Gold Solutions

Pamela Santy

Real Estate Agent

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