SCORE: What it is and How it Can Help Your Business

Leo and Claudine welcome Peter Fong, a SCORE mentor in the Central Valley, to talk about what SCORE is and the impact it could have on your business if you seek the mentorship it provides for free.
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Speaker 1 00:19 Good morning everyone. You’re listening to business illegal talk with Leo. Claudine here at AU power talk am 30, 60 here in Modesto. What’s up? Podesto good morning. Hey, what’s up Claudine? Uh, not, not a lot.
Speaker 2 00:35 Other than being here, being at very, very happy to be here. And it looks like we’re going to have a nice weekend. Yes. What’s up with that? I love the weather. Had a fun time driving. Listening to my podcast is boring and I’m just good. Just good weather. Just California weather baby. Really? I think we just had like two inches of rain the other day.
Speaker 1 00:54 Well well actually there was a actually just knowing your .
Speaker 2 00:58 Yes. I have some friends up there right now and sending pictures. Oh my goodness. It’s gorgeous. anyway, show ’em Hey, so this is show number 16. Can you believe we’ve come so far? I know we’ve come so far. I still remember our first show. So, um, yeah, so, uh, this is the, when we actually do that recap, uh, from last week’s show and, um, I, I don’t know about you, but I thought it was great. You know, we were talking about what does it take to be a successful C E O right. And, um, it was good. I mean, uh, any thoughts on that? I, we actually got some great feedback. We did. And you know what, it’s actually led us to where we are today because today we have a fantastic guest that is going to be able to really, uh, lead us down into some really interesting information and give us some really good backbone.
Speaker 1 01:49 We’ll get into that in a little bit. I don’t want to, I want to keep you in suspense if you’re listening to this show, but you know, this is business and legal talk with Leah. Claudine, we like to be our authentic and transparent. Hey, guess what? We’re not just talking about business. We’re actually doing it. We actually run in businesses and uh, I love it when we get emails and calls and, uh, hits on our websites and then just like, Hey guys, you guys have done a phenomenal job with the show. And you know why? Because we’re doing this, we have the same concerns as you do. So if you’re driving, you have our questions about payroll and about HR and about marketing, sales and strategy growth, where do I go from here? How do I scale my business to the next level? You need to be listening to our show.
Speaker 2 02:27 Also, if you have heard something on the show and you want to hear more on that subject, you know, hit us up on the websites because we absolutely have had some really great guests. We’ve touched on some really good subjects, but if there’s things out there that you want to know more about, we’d love to bring it back to you. Yes, Lee. Yes. So, um,
Speaker 1 02:48 you know what, I was looking for some juice. I couldn’t find it, you know, anything exciting going on in the state. I think it’s, everything is pretty status quo. There’s some pretty scary things going on at a national level I’m not going to get into.
Speaker 2 02:57 Right. But, um, anything you want to know, you know, right now things are going good. Clients are, you know, really, really seeing growth and development. And we’ve said that repeatedly. Um, it’s a trend that is continuing. The more, um, the more that folks that we talk to in business, the more business owners we’re dealing with, whether they’re micro businesses or you know, small, medium, uh, we’re seeing growth and development across the board, which is fantastic. It’s really, really great to see. Business brand has never been lower, hasn’t been that this low in a long time. So that’s actually good for businesses. Although we have our challenges, we do, we do. And you know, employee, employee relations is probably the biggest challenge for any business. So the more employees you have, the more challenges you have. I’m reminder for those folks who have five or more employees on your sexual harassment training.
Speaker 2 03:45 If you haven’t begun that. And if you need some help, give us a call. Um, you have to do sexual harassment or not just sexual harassment training, but harassment training now for, um, all employees, not just management. If you have five or more. Um, and you have to get on that this year needs to be up and going by January one at night. Uh, yeah, 2020 so. Yup. Wow. So let’s, uh, just a reminder, time is flying by. It’s already the 18th of May and we’re going to blink and it will be September. Kids will be going back to school or you know, just having gone back to school. And the next thing you know, it’ll be the end of the year. So Hey, incidentally, you know, it feels like a lifetime ago. But last week was mother’s day. I have a good mother’s day. I had a fantastic month today. I was out, it was quiet.
Speaker 2 04:35 And so for my world, that’s very, very good. Yeah, you don’t want to be on the phone, you actually just want to get away. Right. Southwest, you don’t remember that yet? Well we didn’t get away. We got away from the phone so we didn’t actually get away, but enjoyed some time sitting on the patio and just visiting with my kids and, and their significant other. So it was great. So, so what do we have today? Do you want to tell us a little bit about what yes. Well today we have a really, really amazing guest. Peter Fong is visiting with us today and bong is currently the district director for score, um, which serves 38 counties of central California Sacramento region. The chapters are everywhere from Chico to Sacramento, Modesto, Mercedes, Sonora, Tuolumne, me, Fresno, Madera and Kings County, Bakersfield and all the way out to the coast to San Louis and Monterey Bay.
Speaker 2 05:21 Um, what score does is there an organization that mentors business owners? I’m in all phases of business and Peter consults and networks regularly with business and community leaders. I’m in the financial educational solutions and um, emerging existing businesses. He also serves on the board of directors for Valley small business development corporation and a member of the Fresno County veterans employment committee. So he’s really, really active, um, in the score community, which spans a huge area of California. He was raised in Napa and he learned at a very early age the challenges of owning your own business and working with his parents’ grocery store. It stocking shelves and pricing, merchandise, um, and at age four graduated into the cash register. So an entrepreneur is the real deal and driven at the same time. Peter believes the success to business should give back to the community by serving with civic organizations for their support and success. So welcome Peter. Peter, say hello.
Speaker 3 06:22 Good morning everybody. Thank you for having me on the show and happy Armour’s day for those that served in uniform today
Speaker 1 06:27 and thank you for your service. Wow. Well we’re not going to get too much into cause we have a break coming up, but, uh, I have been privileged to uh, no of, it’s no B O associated with score force for some time now, uh, at least in this, uh, year in the central Valley. Actually, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year, um, in prior to that quick story really. Uh, and I thought that the timing is great because there’s just a lot going on in score that the community needs to know that Peter’s going to talk about. But long time ago, I don’t know if I tell you this, Claudine, but about 2004, 2005 I was actually the business owner looking for help and when I lived in LA and um, I had no idea what I was doing in the, and the irony is that I have been actually running businesses for fortune 500, you know, running divisions.
Speaker 1 07:19 But I was scared to death to start my own business really having run businesses for somebody else really. And uh, I didn’t know where to turn to. So I started some doing some research and one thing led to another led to score. So I actually, when you used to be, you know, a more senior executives that are retired that we’re to, that’s the stigmata. It’s different now is not what it used to be. But I got some critical help at a time that I needed it. You know, I need help with a business plan. Right. I needed to test my proof of concept. I had this idea for a business. I had no idea how to put together a set of financial statements. Ironically, that’s what I do now, where I live it for people. So you gotta start somewhere. And that’s why I have so much appreciation because at a critical stage in my business score was there for me. So when I started making a big, if you will, as I’m doing well in business, I decided it was time to pay it forward and I proactively reached out and I had the fortune of actually meeting Peter. Change that. All right, so Peter, I don’t know if you knew that part.
Speaker 3 08:23 Well, welcome aboard view. You’ve been a great asset not only to our community but to the family of scorer and the small business in it, uh, throughout the, the area here and with your expertise and your knowledge of business. You’ve been a terrific asset to us and thank you and welcome to the score family.
Speaker 1 08:42 Thank you. Well and no disclosure, GLAAD, the annual grave to have you in score two. This is like a big happy family reunion.
Speaker 2 08:49 Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And I’m, I’m very, very grateful to be a part of score as well. Um, w w score, not something that I had starting in business. And I, you know, I started a number of years ago, um, when my husband and I started, we were in the Bay area. Um, and we were just those young people who just had a lot of gumption and, and not, um, as much, um, Braden so to speak. Um, we, you know, we just went to work and live the hard knock life, so to speak. And so now, um, knowing that there’s an organization out there that people can get involved with and give back and mentor, uh, people who are just starting and help them avoid making a lot of the mistakes that we made. Um, you know, fortunately we survived them and you know, got into different businesses and, and so forth.
Speaker 2 09:34 Um, but score is a really, really great opportunity. We’ve got an event coming up next week. I know we can talk about that a little bit more. I’ll plug it in right now. Um, so you and I, and a couple of other folks from Fresno area are going to be doing a seminar, um, business boot camp. Basically we are, um, just giving people a great basics, um, for everything from some taxes, some insurance to some hiring and employment issues and some financial stuff that you will be lending and leaning in on. So, um, it’s going to be a really, really great opportunity. It’s next week, next Wednesday at Fresno. Um, and we will get you the address. I don’t have it here,
Speaker 1 10:14 Peter. Where should we call?
Speaker 3 10:17 You could, uh, the best way to, to richer in the venue and location would be go to the central Valley Click onto the event and registered and it’ll give you all the indications on there too. And by the way, um, uh, Claudine, we welcome you to the score family as a, um, we call a skill expert volunteer and we now have a lot of attorneys and CPAs that really add the value in mentoring our small business in the area here. So thank you. Look them aboard.
Speaker 2 10:47 Thank you. I’m excited. I’m excited. The, all the folks I met and have been starting to networks that with some of the folks from the Sacramento area as well who are now in the process of opening or reopening the Stockton chapter. So, um, that’s kind of exciting to see them, um, come back to Stockton, um, and be able to, to participate. So there’s a lot going on with score between, uh, for those of us who are located kind of centrally here in the central Valley, there’s a tremendous amount going on between Sacramento, Stockton and Fresno. I mean, it’s just a lot, a lot of stuff going on.
Speaker 1 11:22 So if you’re listening to this show a to and fro on a S on a beautiful Saturday morning, you’re like, what the heck? What is score? I mean, like you hear it, you hear lower, so why don’t we just, what, what is the, what does it stand for? What?
Speaker 3 11:34 Well score originally, uh, the acronym stood for senior Corps of retired executives and you know, and that has changed over the years. And about the time I joined score Lebon years ago. Um, I saw the writing on the wall, but future of score that, um, the first 10 people I recruited were not retired. And so part of our marketing campaign that started in Oh nine is that we are now called counselors to America small business. We kept the local because we’ve had that since 1964 and not to change the image, but we now have a tremendous amount of volunteers across the country. 11,000 strong. Right. And more importantly is that we have skill experts like yourselves coming aboard. So welcome.
Speaker 2 12:21 Thank you. So scores been around for quite awhile and I didn’t realize that until I started getting involved in learning more about it. Um, score’s been around S w w when were they? 1964. 64. They, the inception was 64 so, and they are a, um, branch of the SBA.
Speaker 3 12:41 We are not, we identified, we are five Oh one C three nonprofit. Um, we um, encompass a partnership with the U S small business administration and they’ve been an awesome partner to us since 1964.
Speaker 2 12:54 That’s great. So, um, at this point, um, I think it would be great for people to understand kind of what score has to offer for them. Um, and score is um, an no-charge service is that is correct. That which is amazing that you can get that kind of advice and that kind of mentoring, um, from people who are not necessarily retired anymore but who are definitely um, you know, hands on in the business community and that you can get that kind of advice.
Speaker 1 13:25 So, um, we’re going to be talking more and more about this. Uh, we got to get really knee deep into this whole thing is because, but right now let’s go to a break. You are listening to business and legal talk with Leah and Claudina. We have the answers for you. If you’re a business owners, stay tuned.
Speaker 4 13:41 Well like the legend of the thing, mix pins with big
Speaker 0 13:57
Speaker 4 14:12 and we are back. Hey everyone. But that stow, it’s around the areas you are listening to business and legal talk with Leah. Claudine
Speaker 1 14:21 fired up right now. But you know what reality, I’m fired up all the time, so I know it’s weird when I’m not fired up. I know. That’s uh, that’s all you need to worry. It’s a blessing. I had enough coffee today. I’m ready to . Yeah, never enough. I know. I have enough. Hey, funny thing. There’s an article that came out, I put it on Facebook that um, uh, a 30 years research study in England, uh, they had the largest sampling of any kind, I think over half a million people over 30 years. Um, the testing on the benefits or,
Speaker 3 14:52 uh, damage of drinking coffee and conclusively a came out with a decision that if you,
Speaker 1 14:59 the more coffee you drink, the longer you’ll live, right? So I said, I’m going to live forever. Excellent. You know, although I, I can’t keep track of these, um, um, steadies anymore because when one minute they come out and they say, Hey, if you drink wine, you’re going to live on, Oh, wait a minute. If you drink wine and, uh, you know, then it’s coffee and I can’t keep track of, am I supposed to do what I want to do? I can’t. Anyway, so, Oh, we’re back. Um, we actually taking live calls, guys, if you’re out there, uh, please call the studio line. We’re, we’re talking about score today and the benefits and if you’re a business owner, why should you care? We’re going to get into that right now, but call the studio line two or nine five five one three, four, eight, three. I repeat 209-FIVE-51348Y-3. So we’re back to you, Peter. All right, answer this. So I’m a business owner
Speaker 3 15:48 and their score, why should I care? Why should you care? Well, you really shouldn’t care less. You really, you want to sustain your business.
Speaker 1 15:57 Oh, singer. Bam, there is good morning, good morning.
Speaker 3 16:02 And a lot of people say, do I need a business plan? Well, no you don’t, but if you want to stay in business, you’ve got to know where you’re going. It’s like taking a long journey without a, without a map. And, and, uh, pretty soon. That’s why you see a lot of businesses out there today that says going out of business because they’d gone off the cliff because they don’t have a map. Right. and it’s amazing that a lot of existing business owners do not have a business plan. Right. And by the time we see them, and sometimes it’s too late, but they come in early, we can’t correct the situation and many of them are existing today. You know, you may not know who the goal it’s candy company is, excuse me, but, but their brand name is called jelly bellies. And did you know they were a score client? No. Yeah, you mentioned that to me before. I know that. Yeah. Really. And we’ve had a couple of graduates in our room, Fresno simple steps class at which you teach leadership is Amber Stone ice cream really. You know, and they, they started their class and they did a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 and this was almost four years ago and you’re making their third expansion of their business. Wow. Pretty awesome.
Speaker 5 17:21 I feel like score is like for a business owner is like walking into a store, like as a business owner, will I need a business plan and I need this and I need some advice over here. And what I need on Monday is not necessarily what I need three Mondays ago. You know, in the future I, I, maybe I need something else and scores like that. It’s like a store that I can go into and I can get what I need as a business owner. And there’s really no place. It, there simply isn’t.
Speaker 3 17:51 And what would you say is really true, Claudine? And unlike a candy score where you’re grabbing everything, that’s why it’s important you hook up with a mentor so you’re not lost, uh, like a shopping concierge. Yes. So you’d know exactly where you’re going and wasting your time. Because our time is valuable. And, um, it doesn’t matter if you pay for, uh, um, uh, services or not, but your time is valuable. And we offer a lot of webinars. Um, there may be some rural communities that may not have a mentor in area, right? You are not alone. We have 11,000 volunteers, you’d go to our score [email protected] and you can pick a mentor, whether it be manufacturing, uh, intellectual property rights or whatever subject matter you’d like. And the nice thing about that, we are connected and unfortunately a lot of business owners out there will try and go to alone. You’re not alone. You’re not alone.
Speaker 5 18:47 That’s amazing. And that’s why, boy, I wish I had been connected with score, you know, 30 years ago. Um, probably would have shortened the path of resistance that, you know, we all get on and we stay on for a while until we, you know, if hopefully we figure it out and not super hardheaded. Um, but I, I really wish I had had that opportunity and had somebody to walk me through. There’s things I look back in my business career, um, things that we avoided because we didn’t understand them. Um, whether it be, um, having, how to hit that growth where you go beyond, say five employees and you get to a place where you have 25 employees. That’s a completely different set of circumstances. Right? And, and to have somebody take you by the hand and walk you through it and say this is how you do it and let us, let us show you.
Speaker 3 19:35 And the nice thing about score is that in our logo you’ll see there, we are there for the life of your business because you come in and see us one time and we are connected with you. We have a system that once you’re in our system and you come back maybe a year later, um, the mentor may not be there, but you’re in our system. We can pull it up and see the, the sessions and your background and another mentor can follow on with you for life, for your business.
Speaker 5 20:01 That is just that. I’m so excited just talking about this for business owners. I mean, how do you, if you’re a business owner out there, how do you not take advantage of something like this? Why wouldn’t you? Right. It’s absolutely, but it’s amazing. But you have to make the time. And it is, and I think you kind of alluded to this in the very beginning. It is if you want your business to be successful and sustainable and even enjoy the growth that we have the opportunity to have right now. Um, you need to have some guidance and you need to make that a priority. And that priority means you have to dedicate some time to it. I’ve seen some of them, most the brightest, the sharpest people come and you can see the fire in their eye. Whenever I’ve taught about bunch of workshops, like the
Speaker 1 20:48 one that you were talking about, simple steps to starting a business. He has a fantastic module on financial modeling. Now this is what I do for a living. Companies hire me to come create two, three, four year, multi-year financial modeling forecast, right? And we test different assumptions, you know, and, and, and where, if we, if we tweak the sales here or the gross margin or the cost of goods sold and all the things that I talk about every week, it, it’ll forecast what’s going on two, three years from now up to a no. And, and, and, and there’s a bunch of variables and there’s, you know, it’s, everything is turning into a, there’s an app for that. This is a software, but the principles remain the same. You gotta understand the intricacies of what modeling is. And there is this workbook that if you Google it, you know, it is the most robust financial modeling workbook I’ve seen.
Speaker 1 21:39 That score gives you for free. What I know, and I asked, uh, Peter, how many man hours did it take to put together this workbook that is using simple stares as simple steps to start a business? How many hours Peter does it? A hundred hours or stuff. Actually, we had 150 of our volunteers across the country put the program together in Lao. They did a wonderful job to boast about it, but I’m one of the editors and this was like, and the posts, this is your baby. This is kind of putting the puzzle together for a lot of business owners up there. When they graduate from the class, they knew exactly how to start their business. And it’s kind of like that in the puzzles by the time they get you in the financial portions of that. And again, a lot of business owners go broke because they’re under capitalized, right?
Speaker 1 22:31 Yes. This will help them scale because many of them do not know what it takes to operate a business. And when Leo does this, it really opens their eyes, right? And we insist they have that with their business plan. We, so we, when, when I taught that class in the immuno, you haven’t been to it, but we actually have them live at a workbook in their computers. So everybody, this is a work, this is a workshop. So you’re not just there collecting information, you’re actually working and testing your own business model and testing out everything. And he, and he has like seven, at least seven or eight sheets in this workbook and they all build on top of each other. They all formula password protected. And if you trigger one thing, it’ll change the other and then it builds from that. So I was calculating how much would somebody, so if I, if I’m the owner of a business and they needed to build this for myself and I wanted to hire a consultant, I would have spent about $25,000 that’s correct.
Speaker 5 23:23 Easy, easy. And then the variable in that scenario though is you end up, let’s just, you’re presuming that you hire the correct professional to come in and do it, but there’s a lot of people who think they can do it, who can’t actually do it. And then you go spend the $25,000 and you come out of at the other end. And I know that’s what a lot of people are afraid of. You come out at the other end and you don’t have what you thought you were going to have and now you’re $25,000 less. So to be able to do it and be hands on the through the process is an education piece.
Speaker 3 23:58 That’s correct. And the nice thing about this program is Leo, they can save it under computer, send it to their mentor, and they can kind of look at it for the folks that are educated in this area there. And by the time they come in, we can help scale them to the proper numbers. And you know, a lot of may not know the numbers there, but at least they have a plan and they, they understand it better going forward. So this is a laboratory. The way you know this, this is the closest thing that I’ve seen in a central Valley to an incubator. But here’s the thing that is mind boggling to me. The fact that people want to help you run your business because they care, right? And then not really after the money, there’s only one word that comes to mind. Altruism, right?
Speaker 3 24:44 What compels someone to help others? Does it come from pain? You know, maybe somebody, you know, if you’ve been successful, then you failed that you became successful. You don’t want somebody to go through the mistakes that you made it. So there’s this altruistic component, a to score. And is, isn’t that why, uh, Peter, uh, volunteers get involved as mentors? You’ve asked a good question. You know, I speak to volunteers across the country and I find in the leadership, in a lot of our volunteers up there, they have a passion and they’ve all owned the business. They have gone through the minefields that Leo talks about and what they want to do is they now have the time to get back. We have a lot of existing business owners Lele and they’re not starting business. They’re already established, right? And they’re willing to help the people like yourselves that come back to score and help them like you, Claudine, that’s an expert that come back and help small businesses. And from that, we help a lot of folks out there to help make their dreams come true. There’s a lot of people out there that want to start a business but don’t know how. Right? And this’ll help them get their business started or scale their business to the next level. And that’s what we’re here for, for the life of their business. And more importantly, they can come back as often as they want and it’s free. And it,
Speaker 5 26:08 I’m so excited, I just w because I have a passion and have been self employed for so many years and gone through different businesses and, and, and being in business, the process of being an entrepreneur is something that I truly enjoy. And I think that, that people who get involved, um, who have that dream to start their own business. We’ve talked about this a number of different shows. It’s not necessarily about the end goal, it’s about the process. And you enjoy that. And when you can get fired up for somebody else and help somebody else along the way because you see in them that same thing and you think, Oh, I can just help you make this a little bit easier, this just
Speaker 1 26:44 a little bit easier. Um, it’s exciting. So the thing I like about it and we’re about to go to break guys, um, is that it is consistent with my mission to serve, right? Like you and me have th the reason why we get along so well and we do so well with this show is that because we care right underneath it all, no matter what we talk about is there is a concern and there is a desire for everybody we talked to that they’ll make it so amazing when you make it in business and then you can pay it forward. Right? So you’re listening to business and legal talk with Leah and Claudia instead. Two and we’ll be right back. We’ve got more to talk about.
Speaker 0 27:21
Speaker 1 27:53 welcome back. You’re listening to business and legal talk with Leah gluttony. Now you are awake. I mean it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and a gosh, we’re talking about score and um, we’re talking about succeeding in business. And guess, let me take you back. If you’re just joining our radio show right now and I know what it looks like on a Saturday morning, you got the kids in the car or you’re going to the store or you’re coming back when your turn and you happen to own a business, you need to be listening to the this show. I need you to Mark this show to listen, to tune in every Saturday because we are, we hear you, we know what’s going on in business today. And it is a very, a shark infested waters but also full of great opportunities. But you need to know how to do that.
Speaker 1 28:39 So we’re having a live show. So if you have any questions, call us at five five 1348355134 83 so I am your host, Leo the Verde. And I absolutely love accounting and finance and I’m kind of a spreadsheet geek and I help businesses be profitable. In fact, I am a chief profit officer. That’s my thing. I am consumed with help you be become profitable. And you Claudine, just love sustainability. That’s right. It’s all about keeping it so you making it, keeping it. So where should we call kick? What do you do? What, how do you help people and when should they call you?
Speaker 5 29:20 We’re a business real estate and now estate planning firm in Turlock. And we are just out helping business owners through all facets of business. So we started off primarily doing business, um, business owners also occupied real estate. So I have a background in real estate. Uh, my associate attorneys are brokers as well. Uh, my, my staff is, um, uh,
Speaker 1 29:42 licensed realtors and so we help people, um, take up real estate, buy it, sell it, however we do that. And then we have now added an S a new, um, section to our firm, which is estate planning. So, Hey, we, uh, thank you Claudia. We got to call it on the phone. We got you Liana calling from Fresno. Welcome to the show. What’s up Yulia? Good morning to you. Thanks for tuning in.
Speaker 6 30:06 Well, thank you.
Speaker 1 30:08 So, um, what, what w Western do you have for us today?
Speaker 6 30:12 My question is how can I benefit from score?
Speaker 3 30:16 How can you bend it, Peter, take it away. Well, good morning you can be on. Thank you for calling again. There’s a lot of benefits, uh, from score depending on what you’re looking for, whether it be, uh, to scale your business access to capital or marketing. And that’s what our mentors do. When you come in, we find out what benefits that you’re looking for so that we can help you directly. Uh, rather than taking you through a whole Marianne of the mentoring sessions and be more specific with you. Is there any particular question that you would like to know about on subject matter?
Speaker 6 30:51 No. I know that there are some upcoming workshops and I just wanted to know a, we was going to be like the right fit for me and how I was going to benefit from it.
Speaker 3 31:00 Oh, I’m so glad you asked. How ironic. Tell that pit out. Peter will, our, uh, ours, our specialty, uh, host here today are actually hosting a workshop on the 22nd in yours truly in Fresno and Claudine’s and who’s going to be the attorney? And we would encourage all Smith, all small businesses attend this workshop and it’s really going to be very lively and it comes with a botched lunch and networking. And these you’ll have access to people that you normally wouldn’t have backs as to is the CFO and attorney and insurance and HR. And those are all critical paths for every small business out there. So I hope you can join us.
Speaker 6 31:44 We’ll make sure, is there anywhere where I can register or do I just show up on the spot?
Speaker 3 31:48 Hmm. Well, um, hope you do both and if you go to central Valley it will give you the registration and location. And by the way, it sounds like you might have a friend or two. I would encourage you to bring them.
Speaker 6 32:06 Okay, perfect. So I’m looking forward to it then. Thanks.
Speaker 1 32:11 Yeah, it sounds Julina. Like you ready to take your business to the next level and we are so looking forward to see you next Wednesday.
Speaker 6 32:18 Well, I’m, I’m excited to be there and thank you so much for all of the great information you guys are giving out today.
Speaker 1 32:24 Awesome. I hope you have a great Saturday. Thanks Juliana.
Speaker 6 32:27 Thank you so much.
Speaker 1 32:28 Bye. All right, well let’s talk a little bit more of a follow up on her question. Let’s talk a little bit more about how, how a business owner who is out there or maybe somebody who’s considering to starting a business and
Speaker 5 32:40 just, you know, doesn’t know which direction to go. How can they, how can they start using score? Do they need to come down there? Do they need to meet with people? Do you know, or do they start with one workshop over there? How does that work? Yep.
Speaker 3 32:55 You know, really, um, we have some folks across the country. It does not matter where you are in a rural market or a major city. If you would simply go to and you will see a chapter nearest you or even better if you need to see a webinar or a workshop, just click onto our website and we have some wonderful courses online. And uh, we, we all live a very, very busy life. But the courses on demand are excellent and pick out the subject matter you’d like. And more importantly, once you see that and then you’d like to have additional mentoring, click on mentor and it will connect you with a mentor in your zip code. It’s S simply as one to three and we’re all connected on the internet today. And more importantly is that for you to scale a business or to start a business, you must have internet availability and this will help you. And we have a wonderful partner called Google. You can find anything there and I just want you to know Google is now a score sponsored, um, for score nationwide in uh, three years ago. S called G Y B O grow your business online. We do these little workshops locally. They are terrific and we’ve got some great Google qualified, the sole annotators for that. So again, and it doesn’t matter the skillsets that you need, you’ll find them there.
Speaker 5 34:29 So just looking at the website, just let people know it’s a really, really easy functional website to use. You can actually go on there and click on find a mentor and you can actually see the photographs of them there. Quick bio of him, what area of business that maybe they have a particular expertise in. And you can literally just choose your mentor.
Speaker 3 34:50 That’s true. And on there when you choose a mentor and you can also even define it even further by industry. So whatever industry you’re looking for, just type that in the search button and there’ll be four or five of them that’ll pop up there and you can see their miles and you can pick the one you’d like. Right?
Speaker 5 35:08 Right. So is there a limit to the amount of time, let’s just say, um, me as a business owner and I would like to, um, meet with a mentor. Is there a limit to the amount of time that a mentor will meet with me?
Speaker 3 35:21 Absolutely not. It’s unlimited. Uh, we do keep our sessions to one hour, but you can come back as often as you’d like. Okay. It’s kind of like going to most of your counseling sessions. If it goes more than one hour, it gets into a dialogue of conversation and we want to stay on the subject matter. Right, right. As well as, you know, when you do count.
Speaker 5 35:40 Yep, yep. No, I absolutely you, it’s what we call getting lost in the weeds. We start to get off track of what is the, the legal issue at hand and we start talking about a lot of the background of how we got here. Um, and so, so that, that is something that I want the listeners to know is that when you, when you engage with score and you engage with a mentor, and it may be that it, correct me if I’m wrong, Peter, it may be that you get involved with a mentor and you have that mentor in a certain area of your business, but you also may be switched to a different mentor as you grow and as your needs grow.
Speaker 3 36:16 That is correct. Yes. And you know, subject matters change as your business grows and vice versa. And as we get into more and more into the marketing today, that’s an ever changing field and we have a terrific group of marketing folks across the country and whether they’re doing it on the internet or website or website development, that sort of thing. So again,, we’re here to help you. And the nice thing about it is it’s free.
Speaker 5 36:43 It’s amazing. And that when, and when you say that there’s no limit to the amount of time that kind of value is incredible, is incredible. Now, my role with scores a little bit different than the mentor role. Um, because of my subject matter expertise, quote unquote. And that what I do, I come in to help the mentor, help the business owner. So when there’s a particular issue that may be falls in my category, um, that’s the mentor knows that they can call me. Um, and then we can help help the business owner out. So, um, so there’s, there’s more than one layer of help that you’re going to get. So the mentors themselves actually have people that within score that they can call, um, if they need help mentoring or, you know, giving a particular set of advice. Hey, question. Um,
Speaker 1 37:35 is there a particular size of business? Is that, or, or, or can you be a $5 million business, still be mentored by score? your question. Yes, we have no limit. There’s no, there’s no upper limit. There’s no limitations. So you can be a startup or you could be a $10 million business dentist. Correct. Great. Great. Great stuff. All right, well we are talking about resources for the business community here in the central Valley. Score is of wonderful GoTo place. It’s a must have stayed tuned. We are listening to business and legal talk with Leah and Claudine and we’ll be right back.
Speaker 0 38:05
Speaker 1 38:35 right. All right. Are you awake? Are you staying awake? This is good stuff we’re talking about. Really if you’re a business owner and there’s so much that you can get involved in and really help the community, one of the things that you should do is consider joining score. So we will talk about that now. Um, and uh, we were talking on the break about what the benefits are because we’re all involved with score. Um, and I primarily got involved to give back. You know what it is in this world. Givers gain. There is just this, it’s almost like a supernatural thing about giving of what, you know, given a, what you know freely. Right. And it’ll come back to you. Right. And, um, so this is a community and you were saying something, I want you to say it again about what happens when you really, when you teach something, you really learn something like that.
Speaker 1 39:26 Yeah. I mean, if you’ve ever been somebody who has, you know, struggled with math and you know, we, we know that, that that’s my area of expertise, but, but if you’ve ever, if you’ve ever having to teach somebody something, you know, I, you would say a math formula or how to do a math problem, you actually learn it yourself when you’re trying to teach it because you can see what the other person is struggling to understand and then you’re trying to back fill that information in and help them understand something that they’re struggling with. And so it, I think from being a mentor and even in my role as the area expertise, um, person, it helps you learn when you’re teaching somebody else. Mm. Wow. And I think for people who are out there, particularly small businesses, I was saying this at the break, oftentimes you feel very, very alone.
Speaker 1 40:19 You’re, you’re struggling with your clients, your problems, your, you know, how, how to, how to survive on a day to day and you don’t have that, um, that workforce where people who are maybe working in a larger company and they have like a comradery, a fellowship, a group of people that they are all working together. Oftentimes as a business owner, you feel very alone in score, gives you that opportunity to be around other business owners, people who have been there, some done that, struggled with it, are there to help you in high five you throughout the process. Yeah, I mean I, what I love personally, this is me speaking is the camaraderie, the community, the ability to, you know, I think, uh, Peter denier B B. We know when we first got to the studio we were talking about this, there’s something about creating a mastermind.
Speaker 1 41:12 You know, like we’re like minded people get together for a common good, right? Gosh, this is exactly what I was making. If you are running your own business during the day and you have employees, who do you go to when you’re frustrated about something? Right, right. Who do you go to to, um, get pumped up? You know, I mean sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down when you’re down, who’s there for you, Peter? So what would someone need to do? Okay, so I am all right. So if, if you’re a business owner and rest arrests, this is resonating with you. Peter has a message for you. Get
Speaker 3 41:47 if you’re a business owner, I think a lot of successful people out there would like to give back and sometimes they don’t know how to do that. You know, at a very young age, I was only 25 years old when I was a president of the Napa boys club when I took them from a, a read of financial to black. And I’ve been volunteering ever since. If you get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you can help somebody or an organization, and as I talked to volunteers across the country, there’s a DNA that we find in everybody. They have such a kind heart and they want to give back and help others. And so they’re coming in here and we have as a code of ethics, all our volunteers sign is that uh, all of our clients have a safe place to land, but we’re not going to be sold to goods or services.
Speaker 3 42:35 Right. So it’s really a safe place for them. And you know, we are always looking for volunteers in the community out there. And sometimes we say volunteered, gosh, I’m giving all my time here and I’m not getting paid for it. But really once you get involved in score and the passion, it’s telling when you mentor someone and you help them be successful. Right. I’ll tell you what, it’s kind of like the old a credit card ad. It’s priceless, right? I mean it’s just a tremendous feeling. I had a client 10 years ago as really, really nice. He developed a ice cream scoop for rum. Baskin Robbins, you don’t get your handle wet and all that stuff. He sent his son into me last week for mentoring. He wants to start a beat B company. Right. Which is really terrific cause I have another client, open car mill.
Speaker 3 43:28 Um, he was 14 at the time, but you can Google me on this car umbrella. Oh honey company. And he started this in the fifth grade and now it’s become a very successful business as a customer. He was 14 when he started, when he started his business. Oh my goodness. He came in for mentoring at score and uh, his parents are wonderful. But you know, when you get people like that, I, you can’t help, um, to put gas in your tank to go the extra mile. And all of our volunteers have that DNA. And more importantly, every community has that opportunity, right? And we need you. And we just, uh, are underserved and a lot of barriers. Yeah, you can go online, you could do webinars and you do emails, but there’s nothing better than having to sit down with someone, have a one on one conversation with, right.
Speaker 3 44:21 And it’s really, really nice. And to simply go and go to dot org and click on volunteer and they’ll get an application fill ’em out, put your zip code in there. And you’ll be contacted. And a lot of times I talk to people and they come in, uh, Claudine and Lele is, I always ask them why they want to join, you know, and, uh, and we get some people that come in and they want to sell their products in something. Well, they should the chamber commerce the right place for them. This is, this is really not the right place. We are here to help small businesses, whether they be a mentor, a facilitator, a speaker, admin. And in the past we always said, well, you had to fit this certain criteria and Vox and not anymore. If you’re willing to help, we have a place for you. Great. We have a place for you.
Speaker 5 45:11 That’s great. And, and I, I don’t want people who are maybe considering volunteering and being a mentor. I don’t want them to be scared that, um, you know, they, that there’s an unlimited amount of time requirement that they’re gonna be under because score has a way of resolving that problem. And if it becomes a problem, there’s other mentors that are there that are there as well. So you’re not in it alone. You’re not going to get kicked off the cliff and just be in a, in a sea of, um, you know, unknown. You have, uh, an entire group of people who are going to be there to help you.
Speaker 3 45:44 Well, that’s very well said, Claudine and thing guy, they always ask is, gee, how much time do I have to give? Right? Well, really your time is your time and we want you to tell us is when you’re available, and I’m not going to say you have to put in 20 hours or eight hours a month, right? But as more people getting bumped and some start out very small, maybe an hour a week, which is fine, but once they get their feet wet and they can really see the value they’re giving, we have people that spend 20 hours, 25 hours and we don’t ask them to do that. But when you can, I wouldn’t do the next session. When can I get involved in one chapter? They’re fighting over mentoring. I mean, they’re just scrambling to get there and that’s a good place to be. So good problem to have and we’d love to have it here in the Valley here too.
Speaker 3 46:28 So, uh, please let us know. We could use your help and small business can use your help. Hey, I have a final question for you. We need the, what about the wrap up this show here. Eat it. I’ve known you for awhile and you are a Sage and I have an enormous amount of respect for you. What gets you up in the morning? You don’t, as you know, I’m retired, I don’t have to do this. And I put in a lot of hours. I’ve put a lot of hours in for score. Yeah. And I do a lot of training mainly across the them. It’s really the satisfaction of watching the leadership succeed and for them to help other people in the communities. And it’s when I see new volunteers come in and they do such a tremendous job, I’ll tell you Leo, that just puts an extra tank and my gas, you know, I’m a pretty old guy. I’ve gotta be in Sacramento next week, and Chico is, is, uh, is a 10 hour round trip for me. But why do I do that? It’s because the value I have our Chico
Speaker 1 47:30 chapter had helps donate remarkable job. All right. Yep. Well, we gotta wrap it up. Peter, thank you so much for being here and everyone, thank you for tuning in this week. You had listened to business illegal talk with your Claudine and San Diego Valley scores. score, LOL, then went to the edge. Hello?