CFO Services

Gain control of your business by developing & executing a strategy for cash flow, controlling costs, and scaling growth.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Forecasting cash flow during growth can be critical to successfully sustaining your business. We can work with you to build a cash flow model to predict the future cash position of your practice.

Budget vs Actual Reporting

Greenland Advisors will create an advanced, real-time dashboard allowing you to see your actual financials compared to your budgeted analysis. Staying on track means staying successful!

Break Even Analysis

Knowing your operational costs and what it takes to run your business daily on an ongoing basis is critical to maintaining a healthy cash flow and sustainable growth.

Labor Cost Management

It can be difficult to know when to hire another person and how much it will affect the bottom line. Labor cost management can help you know exactly what you should spend on labor costs.

Debt Planning & Reduction

Unchecked debt will drown your business if you let it. We have seen numerous companies over-leverage themselves into bankruptcy. Your Greenland Advisors CFO will analyze debt, credits and build a payment plan.

Success Stories

Dave Martin

Co-Founder of Nettra Media

Tim Priestley

President of Accent Gold Solutions

Pamela Santy

Real Estate Agent

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